About us

Who we are

  • Located in Berlin, Germany.
  • 30+ employees from multiple nationalities.
  • Professionals in software engineering, data technologies, marketing and more.
  • Expertise in the business to consumer and business to business fashion industry.


Our clients include:

  • Apparel, fashion accessory & footwear manufacturers.
  • Clothing and accessory distributors
  • Wholesalers and retails


Photo by kcp4911 used under CC BY / Desaturated from original

International Presence

  • Globally accessible.
  • Headquarters located in United States.
  • International marketing department in Berlin, Germany.


What we have to offer

Our databases include:

  • Data spanning 40+ countries.
  • Over 1,000+ manufacturers.
  • With 2,000,000+ items spanning all fashion styles for men, women and children.
  • Everything from clothing to accessories, headgear, footwear and much more.
  • Search and filter by brand, gender, style, category, age,  stock or price.


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