Data Storm by Dave Herholz used under CC BY


  • Apparel and fashion manufacturers.
  • Fashion accessory Manufacturers.
  • Clothing Distributors.
  • Industry wholesalers and retailers.


With data tools to help you…

  • View your production portfolio and that of your competitors.
  • Improve market presence.
  • Monitor prices collected daily from 40+ sellers and distributors.
  • Compare your products market position.
  • Determine business strategies based on current market trends.


Personalized solutions so you can…

  • Have access to one of the largest apparel and accessory databases on the planet.
  • Optimize pricing and distribution strategies.
  • Access industry expertise and in-depth analysis.
  • Reduce time and costs of in-house data collection and analysis.
  • Change data collection frequency based on personal preference: daily, weekly, monthly, etc…
  • Access services and databases  24 | 7 | 365  from anywhere worldwide.
  • Obtain the data you need for future success.


Knowtrex Applications: