What we do

Knowtrex is an international internet technology company specializing in big data collection, analysis and processing solutions. We observe production, marketing and distributions of all fashion items from clothing, shoes, styles, accessories and more for men, women and children. Spanning more than a thousand of manufacturers, our databases include millions of products  with sales data from over 40 different countries worldwide. Utilizing this information, we strive to deliver our clients with the most up-to-date and accurate data, ensuring they make the right purchasing and planning decisions. Collecting over two million price and stock points daily, we can serve clothing manufacturers, fashion distributors, and wholesalers with the data they need.


Photo by James Dean used under CC BY.


Where technology and fashion connect

By combing technological innovation with market research expertise, Knowtrex finds the right data and derives meaning from it. With multiple applications to chose from, each for a specific service, we can deliver the data that you need fast and accurately.



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