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Knowtrex helps you make smarter decisions in pricing, product, sourcing and sales, providing market intelligence that gives you a competitive edge.

Power your analysis with clean data and unmatched market intelligence

Knowtrex's AI-powered market intelligence solutions provide real-time visibility into competitive trends and product performance across many markets. Get reliable insights into your product and your competitor's performance with a single click.

Optimize your data preparation time by up to 90%

Gain insights into automotive supply & demand trends with our flexible product, ready-to-use analysis, downloadable Excel sheets or raw data access. Skip the manual work and make reliable decisions based on fresh data.

Make decisions with confidence

Rely on our huge product catalogue, covering all required product attributes on a GTIN level. Find the exact matches to your products across more than 600 global data sources.

Get advice from experienced industry experts

Discuss your data strategies directly with C-level industry managers & implement operational decisions with dedicated expert support.

Build your strategy with Knowtrex as many other leading brands do

Automotive companies in the EU, US, and Asia solve their data challenges, leverage our analysis & insights and accelerate their growth with us daily and have done so since 2015.

Tire industry

Understand market dynamics. Optimize your pricing, product and sales strategies

Automotive aftermarket

Benchmark your product portfolio & understand price levels from macro to detailed views

Vehicle OEMs

Steer your pricing strategies & optimize your global sourcing decisions with reliable product and price data


Optimize your pricing strategy & implement smart purchasing for tires and other categories

Retailers & marketplaces

Automate your pricing based on real-time market data

Data & Pricing businesses

Integrate our market price data into your own services

“We took our pricing strategy to the next level. Now, we can make informed pricing decisions at any time—with full market transparency—and receive customized analyses that save us so much time.”

Tire Manufacturer

Pricing Manager

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