Cut manual work from data analysis

No more wasting time collecting and cleaning scattered data.
Knowtrex automates the chaos of complex data for you.

Ready-to-use data

Choose how to access data: modern interface analyses, tailored reports, Excel sheets or API connection

Exact product matches

Find matches with 99,9% accuracy & high availability on an GTIN level

Huge product catalogue

Search products in a growing catalogue of +600 global data sources, updated daily with +20Mi data points

Senior advice

Speak directly to industry experts & get regular analyst support

Customized analyses

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Flexible price plans

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For teams

Simplify your decisions

Empower your teams with analytics built from industry use cases.

Recommend optimal retail prices

Perform detailed comparisons for any product in any country and find the right prices to maximize profit.

Monitor product launches

See at a glance when similar products were launched and how they've performed in the market. Then dive into a complete history of the products' prices to understand why they've changed over the years.

Platform features

Benchmark yourself to key competitors

Get multi level snapshots of competitor's market performance, and spend less time on research.

Start right away with 20+ predefined analyses

Leverage your analysis and easily share insights with your team:

• Product & price analyzer, for GTIN-level analysis;
• Top products comparisons, to monitor your high-runners;
• Seller insights, to understand what's going on in the market;

Or tailor your own report.

Find anything with a powerful search engine

What you search is what you get - in miliseconds:

• Search by +30 market-specific parameters;
• Drill-down filters for each parameter;
• Access real-time and historical data;
• Break down results by period, with full flexibility;
• Save your most used analyses & retrieve later.

Change from aggregate to specific views in 1-click

Instantly compare markets and competitors from different perspectives. Don't worry about calculating formulas. Click and get brand, platform, marketplace and country views calculated for you.

Visualize trends easily for instant insights

Set & slice parameters to compare your performance to your competitor's:

• Index data by starting period, brand or other parameters;
• Control chart unit, scale and output;
• Show/hide +35 table parameters;
• Change period aggregation.

Monitor performance with 15+ KPI's

Flip through predefined or customized KPI's:

• Prices: average, minimum, maximum, recommended retail;
• Discount and margins (absolute and %);
• Price distances;
• Your KPI's.

Access data in formats you actually use

Navigate seamlessly through predefined analyses and choose how to receive data:

• Tables, downloadable as Excel;
• Charts, downloadable as PNG;
• Raw data, retrieved directly from our API.

“We took our pricing strategy to the next level. Now, we can make informed pricing decisions at any time—with full market transparency—and receive customized analyses that save us so much time.”

Tire Manufacturer

Pricing Manager

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